Turning Great Ideas into Great Apps

Atomic Powered works with individuals and companies to design, develop and publish applications for mobile platforms. Our focus has been primarily on Apple iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad), but we can develop software for Google Android as well.

Mobile computing platforms such as the iPhone are revolutionizing the computing industry by bringing powerful mobile computing to more and more people across the globe. Companies are now recognizing the need to establish a presence on these mobile platforms by providing applications that connect with customers, present their brand and provide additional revenue streams. Many pundits are suggesting that mobile platforms, and the iPhone in particular, are now very much like the World Wide Web in the 1990s and are quickly becoming the preferred vehicle to distribute content to billions of people regardless of their location.

Atomic Powered exists in part to help companies establish a presence, survive and thrive in this exciting frontier.

We are currently accepting requests to develop applications for Apple iOS devices (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad). To submit a request, visit the Contact page to send us a message.